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Feeling Loopy

Sometimes organizing your life from an island can be a mind-boggling, head-scratching, dizzying sort of ordeal. Trying to optimize travel to make the most efficient use of airfare and hotel and rental car costs is like planning your local errands so that you get everything done in one nice, neat and tidy loop – but a million times more complicated. You may be plotting the best order in which to hit the gym, the dry cleaners and the grocery store in order to save time and money on gas. Our errand loops are a bit more problematical than that. 

Recently we have been busy determining the best way to combine taking in a Lady Gaga concert in Florida and giving a lecture in southern California with a little hop up to northern California to meet with the tax accountant and my ob-gyn (who only works two days a week now). The folks organizing the lecture date were most accommodating. So we thought we had it all mapped out until Michael ruptured his cervical disc.

After several weeks of intractable, excruciating pain that was completely unresponsive to a vast array of anti-inflammatories, narcotics and even ‘alternative medicines’, he finally elected to seek medical attention in the US a couple of weeks ago (tacked on to the end of a trip he was taking for business, of course). Long story short, he needs surgery. That means he has to go back to the States to get it later this month. And so the plotting and planning has commenced anew only this time with the added loopiness brought on my some potent pain meds. 

First, we had to buy tickets for the one “simple”, loop of a round-trip to Miami and back for the surgery itself which has been scheduled for two weeks before the aforementioned Lady Gaga concert. Coincidence? I don’t think so. This way Michael can have the follow-up, suture removal appointment two days before the concert and then pretty much carry on with the remainder of the loop as previously planned. 

That means that in the middle of March we will:

Fly to Miami for his post-surgical doctor’s visit.

We’ll stay for a couple of days to take in the Lady Gaga concert.

Fly the next day (Saturday) to Los Angeles so that…

Michael can lecture on Sunday for 5 hours.

Then we’ll fly Sunday night to San Francisco.

Monday we’ll meet with our tax accountant.

Tuesday I’ll catch up with my gynecologist and ‘squeeze’ in a mammogram.

Wednesday maybe we’ll see an orthopod about future knee replacement surgery for Michael.

We’ll  fit in a visit or two with the kids and grandkids in our free time.

Then Thursday, we’ll fly to Miami to hang at an airport hotel.

And finally we’ll fly home on Friday.

I’ve still got to orchestrate hotels and car rentals and other little miscellaneous details; but for now I think I’m just going to enjoy some recreational pain killers of my own in the form of a nice, little chardonnay. Cheers!

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