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March, 2015:


I’ve been, as always, very busy doing who knows what: taking care of the ocean front while Michael is off on a multi-city speaking tour, making a go of island veterinary medicine, preparing to cut up 18 yards of upholstery fabric to re-slipcover an aging couch. The usual stuff. But for the last couple of days I’ve been feeling out of sorts. That anxious, unsettled feeling of not having everything quite under control. Of being just a bit off balance.

Then this morning, in a rare cosmic convergence (like say a super moon, solar eclipse and the vernal equinox all happening on the same day), I was compelled to quickly fire off this blog. I was flipping through the internet like we used to flip through the television channels, when I realized that today is the equinox. I say realized because without the change of seasons here the date of the equinox routinely goes unnoticed. But there it was in the headlines.

And that made me remember the old days of celebrating the equinox – not by dancing naked around a henge somewhere but at least by balancing eggs. On occasion I would even take a dozen eggs to the office and we’d all balance an egg just because we could, because you can at the equinox. You can balance an egg. I’m sure you can look it up (there is that internet thing)…something about magnetic poles, the balance of the earth on its axis or voodoo magic. No matter. Today you can balance an egg.

Apparently, the writers for Netflix’s popular series, House of Cards, may not know that. Just last week I was binge watching the latest season and in one episode the subject actually came up. Claire Underwood, as First Lady, is tasked with picking out the special eggs for the annual Easter egg roll on the white house lawn. Frank, the President, ends up with one of the eggs and ponders the laws of physics that make it impossible to balance an egg. HA! I thought. Says you! There it was, presumably Spring, and the leader of the free world couldn’t even balance an egg. Poser.

So, in honor of the equinox, here’s a photo of three little eggs out for a morning ‘stand’. (They are sweating not because they were overexerting their little selves to stay upright but just because it was cold in the fridge but warm on the veranda and well…I hadn’t had my breakfast yet…..:-) )

Happy Spring. Here’s to a little more balance in life.

Equinox Eggs 2