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January, 2015:

Throw Back Thursday

I realize that TBT is a facebook phenomenon. And I realize that it typically involves the posting of an old photograph (which I do not have). My TBT is more an emotional one than a visual one. But it’s still all about being nostalgic. It’s just been that kind of week.

It’s been ages since I posted here. That’s because I’ve been unbelievably busy with my veterinary house call business. We thought we’d be doing simple wellness sorts of things (vaccines, ear infections, broken toenails), but that’s not at all how it has played out so far. No reason to bore you with medical jargon but I’m dealing with surprisingly unusual cancers and doing CT Scans and managing all kinds of complicated cases one of which had me calling the diagnostic lab in the U.S. where I sent samples on a very sick but very nice old cat. I just wanted to get another opinion from an internal medicine specialist to be sure that there wasn’t something else I should be doing.

I sat in the phone cue for a while until the call was picked up with “Hello, this is Dr. DuFort.” There was a bit of a pregnant pause while I got my wits about me and said, “I’m sorry. Is this THE Dr. BOB DuFort?”. With understandable hesitance he admitted that it was. So I said, “Bob, this is Georgia Paul, wife of Dr. Mike Paul, ex of Encina Veterinary Hospital in Walnut Creek, CA calling you from a desert island in the Caribbean. How the hell are you?”

You probably got the part where I knew Bob DuFort from a previous life, right? Yup, he worked at the very first upstart diagnostic laboratory I ever used when I first started practicing in California, *gasp*, 30 years ago and there he was answering my questions 4,000 miles and a lifetime later. Talk about a flash from the past.

Then on Tuesday Michael and I went over to St. Maarten for the day. When we were building the house we had to take the ferry over ALL the time to get things that we couldn’t get over here. But I hardly ever do that anymore. I don’t like shopping. I get all whiney dragging around in the heat. And *sigh* it’s just so much trouble. As a result, I mostly ‘let’ Michael go over on his own. (Why should I spoil his fun, right?) But he wanted to look at refrigerators and mattresses and we’ve been working really hard (see the above) so I went.

And it was actually a really nice day. We started off with a tasty little French pastry. Priced refrigerators. And bought a mattresss. And then went to Tropicana for lunch. Back in the day that’s what everybody did. Going to Tropicana for lunch on the marina in Marigot was THE thing. You ran into more ex-pat Anguillians there than you’d find at lunch in a restaurant IN Anguilla. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore – or else I just don’t know the right people anymore. But it was still fabulous. And as we ate our just-flown-in-from-Paris truffles on toast and drank our oh-so-very-iced-cold rose wine and joked with our old friend, Christophe, we toasted to what is still a very uncommon life.

You see, back in the day we used to sit in those very same chairs and marvel in hushed tones at the miracle that was the reality that we actually LIVED here. After 15 years that’s not so much a marvel as a merit badge, but I have to admit that it still is pretty damn cool. Merci beaucoup! Santé.