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August, 2014:


(That’s a whirlwind of a personal nature not a climatic one as hurricane season has been quiet so far (knock coconuts).)

In my last post I mentioned our naturalization. Well, hasn’t that not-so-little happening just thrown my life into a bit of tizzy? We immediately applied for a business license to start a mobile veterinary practice just to see what would happen but fully expecting to still be thwarted in our attempts by some significant pushback by the local veterinarian. Even when the very helpful woman in the Ministry of Finance said, “But you are Anguillian now. No one can stop you from earning a living”, we were still skeptical. (I mean, honestly, wouldn’t you be?)

Sure they wanted some clarification as to why Michael is no longer licensed to practice in any state in the U.S. (but given that I don’t believe the local vet was ever licensed to practice in any state I figured they just wanted to verify that his license had not been revoked and forcibly wrenched out of his cold, little hand). And they did want copies of our diplomas which caused another wee, minor snag when I couldn’t find mine. I found my baptismal book, my high school charm bracelet, my high school diploma, my college diploma, my Phi Beta Kappa key, and the cute and inspirational cartoons that I pinned to the bulletin board above my desks. I found the envelope my veterinary school diploma came in and the program from the graduation ceremony. But who knows where the actual diploma ended up. Luckily, though, a letter from the registrar’s office saved me having to pay $150 to get a new diploma (coz seriously when am I EVER likely to need that again?). Then imagine our surprise when just a couple of weeks later, we received a call saying that we could pick up our business license. What? Seriously? Just like that? We were utterly and completely unprepared.

Ever since, I’ve been going crazy trying to get on top of things. You see, all I ever really wanted to do was that which I was trained to do. But in order to do that, I have to create logos, and business cards, and web pages. I had to find out how to ship lab samples to the States for analysis (Fedex can’t do that from here. From the next island, yes. From here, no. But apparently DHL can.) I had to figure out pricing. I have to establish vendor accounts, purchase products and supplies, and at some point learn Quickbooks. It’sa justa too much.

In the meantime, we’ve sedated three different dogs on three different patio tables to treat swollen ears, to stitch up dog fight wounds, and to perform nail trims. And we’ve drawn blood on a sick dog on a picnic table behind a hardware store. (I wish I had thought to take a picture of that one.)

But today was a real first. We were scheduled to recheck a couple of dogs but I had a conflict. I have been doing all of my scuba diving certification dives this week. That meant that I wasn’t sure that I would be finished in time for the 12:30P appointment so Michael was going to have to go alone and then pick me up after. But there was a mixup with the timing (my fault, I fear) and the owner wasn’t there. That gave Michael time to pick me up before the appointment. I, however, was not expecting this. So I got off the boat. Rinsed off. And got in the car only to find that we were going directly to the house to check the dogs. In my bathing suit. Period. Nothing else. No beach wrap. No shorts. Nothing. Just me drawing blood on a dog in what was, at least, a somewhat tasteful one-piece rather than a bikini.

Yup, that was a first….and hopefully a last. (And no, I do not have a picture! And even if I did, it would never see the light of day!)