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December, 2012:

Merry Christmas!

Since returning from the States earlier this month, posting on the blog has taken a back seat. We’ve been busy getting past the overly-hyped, novel date of 12/12/12 and then the overly-hyped but ultimately insignificant Mayan prediction of the end of the world. We’ve also had to muddle through an array of aggravations: no decent internet for a week, leaking water pipes, malfunctioning sprinklers and thieving plumbers just to name a few. Then on Christmas Eve, smack dab in the middle of “It’s a Wonderful Life” we lost our cable. (What, oh what becomes of our hero, George Bailey?) 

Basically it’s been life as usual except for the fact that today is Christmas. Of course I can’t prove it by the weather – sunny and clear and 80 degrees. I haven’t been able to go to the mall to mingle amongst the crowds of last-minute holiday shoppers. Even Christmas lights are pretty hard to come by. I did see quite a few in St. Martin last week while I was riding on a bus after dark heading for the last ferry back to Anguilla. The lampposts in Marigot were decorated with light displays strung across the roads between them: snowmen and pine garlands and silver bells and snowflakes– all the cold-weather classics down here in the tropics.

Our own Christmas tree is up in the corner of the living room providing some much-needed, holiday cheer for us and a new battle ground for the cats. But Michael and I went out driving in Anguilla the other night just to see what else we could find. In California there would be lights almost everywhere and the occasional, absolutely massive display scattered in here and there. Not so here. The ridiculously, high cost of electricity undoubtedly plays a big part in this omission, but we miss the lights all the same. Heck, even the Government quit decorating the big trees in the Valley some years ago. No more lighted, Christmas dinosaurs at the Ag Department. No more Christmas giraffe and his friend, the Christmas frog, at the bank. In fact, unless you count the string of private jets at the airport as a stand-in for the traditional string of popcorn, we found precious few decorations at all. 

Sometimes, though, folks will surprise you. These guys get extra points for originality and improvisation for their red and green Mickey Mouse silhouette lights.

Finally, I leave you with this year’s tropical, Christmas song, “Santa Got a Sunburn.”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLrBzOXAhbQ

Ho, ho, ho, Happy Christmas and a Fabulous New Year.

It’s the Holiday Season

I am writing this quick post from the States. We are here soaking up some holiday cheer in various Marriott hotels in California – not exactly a rustic, rural landscape blanketed in newly fallen snow. It’s plenty chilly for me, though, so I get to break from my usual routine. I’m wearing skinny jeans and boots, leather jackets and pashmina scarves. The temperature readings are actually in the 50’s and 60’s, however. That means that to the casual observer I may appear to be just a tad over-dressed. We were getting off the elevator yesterday morning and a woman waiting to get on did question whether it was cold outside. Comfort levels being inherently relative, the answer was, “why, yes, indeed, it is.”

We are here because Michael had a speaking engagement in San Diego so I came along – looping first through northern California to visit the kids. On island, it is difficult and expensive to buy gifts for each other (and nearly impossible to do so in secret). We agreed (and hopefully Michael will adhere to the tenet) that this little trip IS my Christmas present. (The pleasure of my company these 10 days is most certainly HIS!) Even without shopping for each other and although most all of our gifts for family and friends have already been purchased online, it’s still nice to go window-shopping just to enjoy the decorations and music and for Michael to grab an eggnog latte or two or three or four. 🙂

Plus we get to spend hours walking the streets. That’s what we now enjoy the most about being in a big city. We especially like to be up in the morning and out walking (with that latte in hand) as a city comes alive. The other morning before 7am we were strolling along south of Market Street in San Francisco pondering the irony that folks go to great lengths to come to our backyard in order to walk along the beaches while we now relish the opportunity to meander along city sidewalks, busy sidewalks (in this case) dressed in holiday style…

Happy Holidays!